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The Lavatools Element is a professional grade oven thermometer designed to help you to monitor cooking temperatures over time and letting you know when your food is ready. It is perfect for oven-roasting, smoking, deep-frying, baking, candy-making, home-brewing and sous-vides. With a loud alarm and practical features, the Element simply out-performs all other oven thermometers available.

Built for professional use. Right down to the tip.

The Element is built with the same care and precision that goes into all Lavatools products. With a water resistant all-stainless probe, it is is built to take on the all tough tasks you'll throw at it.
Built for professional use. Right down to the tip.

The most advanced oven thermometer yet.

Simple, intuitive operation lets you enter your target temperatures, set timers, or toggle Celsius and Fahrenheit in just a few presses.

  • Advanced Dual-Sensor Probe

    Dual high-performance sensors offers temperature of both your food and the ambient temperature your oven or smoker.

  • Ready-In Estimator

    A sophisticated algorithm calculates an estimated time to ready, giving you a second-by-second update of doneness.

  • Extra Loud Alarm

    Super loud beeper alarm means that you'll never miss when your food is ready, even if you're in another room.

  • Set HI\LO Temperature Brackets

    Programmable high/low temperature alarms for both main and ambient sensors provide maximum flexibility.

Anything you can do, you can do better.

Element is the handy kitchen sidekick that helps you keep track of anything you make. You'll wonder how you've ever managed without this tool.
Element is right at home roasting prime ribs, legs of lamb, or the holiday turkey.
Simultaneously track both the smoker temperature and the temperature of your meats.
Set a high/low temperature bracket to ensure stable oil temperature.
Letting Element alert you to when your loaves or other baked goods are done.
Monitor all temperatures along the brewing and fermentation process.
Use Element to monitor milk or sugar temperatures with incredible accuracy.

Technical specifications.

Rigorously engineered to be durable, efficient, and compliant with international food-safety guidelines, all our products are also free of lead, mercury, cadmium or other hazardous substances.

Technical specifications.
  • Probe

    Accuracy: ± 1.8°F @ -4~302°F (± 1°C @ -20~150°C)
    Main sensor range: -40~572°F (-40~300°C)
    Ambient sensor range: -4~572°F (-20~300°C)
    Probe length: 4.5" (11cm)
    Cable length: 48" (1.2m)
    Ø 2mm tapered tip
    IP65 water resistant

  • Features

    °F/°C configurable
    Backlit display
    Main and ambient temperature displays
    Set target temperatures for both sensors
    Set HI\LO temperature brackets for both sensors
    Ready-in estimator
    Timer and stopwatch
    Low Battery indicator
    Magnetic attachment

  • Certification

    CE, RoHS, 100% BPA Free

  • Warranty

    Probe: Limited 6-months
    Thermometer body: Limited 3-year