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The Lavatools Carbon Lite Bluetooth Smart thermometer is designed to help you to monitor and know when your food is ready – even when you’re away from the kitchen. With the Carbon app, you can choose from a library of gourmet temperature alarms or create your own based on what you're cooking. Along with additional stopwatch and resting alarms, you'll achieve award-wining results while entertaining your guests.

Download Carbon® for iOS and Android devices.


Built for professional use. Right down to the tip.

Carbon Lite is built with the same care and precision that goes into all Lavatools products. With an aluminum semi-body and an all-metal waterproof stainless probe, Carbon Lite is built to take on the all tough tasks you'll throw at it.
Built for professional use. Right down to the tip.

Don’t miss a thing with Carbon.

Carbon's simple, easy-to-read dashboard is where you'll find everything to monitor your cooking progress such as cooking temperature, ambient temperature, and cooking time.

Cooking is all about hitting the right temperature and Carbon contains a library of temperature profiles to choose from. And if your masterpiece needs a custom temperature, there's an option for that too.

You can't always be on top of everything, so Carbon has useful alarms to remind yourself of important temperature thresholds or the timer alarms to keep track of resting periods.
Don’t miss a thing with Carbon.

One tool. Multiple styles.

Carbon Lite is ideal for grilling. It let's you step away from the grill and work on other items while still ensuring perfect results.

Whether it's a rack of lamb, swordfish steak, or the holiday turkey, Carbon Lite will make any oven work a piece of cake.

Professional quality probe with advanced dual-sensors means that you can measure ambient and meat temperatures all at once.
One tool. Multiple styles.

Technical specifications.

Rigorously engineered to be durable, efficient, and compliant with international food-safety guidelines, all our products are also free of lead, mercury, cadmium or other hazardous substances.

Technical specifications.
  • Probe

    Accuracy: ± 1.8°F @ -4~302°F (± 1°C @ -20~150°C)
    Main sensor range: -40~572°F (-40~300°C)
    Ambient sensor range: -4~572°F (-20~300°C)
    Probe length: 4.5" (11cm)
    Cable length: 48" (1.2m)
    Ø 2mm tapered tip
    IP65 water resistant

  • Connectivity

    Bluetooth® Smart 4.0
    115' line-of-sight range (35m)
    Requires iOS 7 or newer
    Compatible with iPhone 4s and newer, iPad Mini, iPad 3 and newer

  • App Features

    °F/°C configurable
    No calibration needed
    Library of temperature profiles
    Custom-made temperature profiles
    Switch between USDA and gourmet temperatures
    MIN/MAX temperature profile
    Timer, stopwatch, and resting alarm
    Battery monitor

  • Certification

    CE, RoHS, 100% BPA Free

  • Warranty

    Limited 3-year excluding probe