Our Knowledge

We know successful cooking revolves around getting the temperature just right. Temperature means flavor, color, and texture; it retains nutrition and keeps things juicy. It is the delicate balance between food that will wow your guests and food that might make them sick. For this very reason, we say a fast and accurate food thermometer is essential to every kitchen.

For a long time, we've been buying cheap, inaccurate, and sluggish thermometers that look more suited for a hospital than a kitchen. We knew there had to be a better way, so we founded Lavatools as an answer to the status quo: bringing 5-star speed and precision to everyday kitchens.


Our Quality

All of our products are meticulously designed to fit the rigors of a busy kitchen. We source only high-quality thermoplastics to prevent our products from cracking and warping over time. Our engineers push our circuitry to deliver the most accurate readouts in the least amount of time and use the latest technology to give you best cooking experience possible.


Our Responsibility

Responsibility has been a cornerstone since our very beginning. Care for the environment and humane labor conditions has driven us to find different production options that meet international safety and quality standards. As a boutique developer, we have decided to put together our products in China as it allows us to retain a high level of quality control while keeping the price point affordable.

We routinely visit our suppliers in China to perform our own due diligence and conduct assurances to not only maintain a high level of quality control but also to reinforce ethical manufacturing practices.