PT18 Series

PT18 Series

PT18 Series


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PT18 is a line of commercial-grade cooking thermometers that delivers mind-blowing speed, accuracy, and functionality. Boasting a blazing fast 2-3 second response time with pinpoint accuracy Lavatools is known for, PT18 is one of the best performing thermometers in the world.

With incredible performance comes incredible results.

PT18 elevates fixed-probe thermometers to a whole new level of performance and functionality. Whatever your task demands, you’ll accomplish it easier than ever with a high‑performance sensor, ambidextrous backlight display, probe depth indication, and more.

A compact distillation of our expertise.

There’s more than meets the eye. PT18 is uncompromisingly engineered to deliver a muscular feature set in an incredibly sleek form factor.

PT18 Series
  • Ambidextrous Display

    Ambidextrous display allows you to easily rotate the screen, making it perfect for lefties and awkward angles alike.

  • 1/2" Probe Depth Indicators

    18/10 surgical stainless steel probes are precision drawn then laser etched with 1/2" indicators for the most accurate placement.

  • Temperature Alarm

    For leave-in operations like measuring oil or monitoring carryover cooking, the silent temperature alarm is indispensable.

  • Temperature Calibration

    PT18 is the first and only product in our range with temperature calibration, making it the tool for commercial operators.

Technical specifications.

Rigorously engineered to be durable, efficient, and compliant with international food-safety guidelines, all our products are also free of lead, mercury, cadmium or other hazardous substances.

  • Performance

    Response time: Typically 2-3 seconds
    Accuracy: ± 0.9°F @ -4°F~302°F (± 0.5°C @ -20°C~150°C)
    Range: -40°F~482°F (-40°C~250°C)

  • Power

    Battery life: 4000+ hours
    Battery type: 1x CR2032 button cell battery

  • Features

    °F/°C configurable
    Temperature calibration
    1.25" backlit display
    Probe-depth indicators
    Ambidextrous display
    Temperature alarm
    Temperature hold
    MIN/MAX temperature
    Probe-depth indicator
    Sleep mode
    Magnetic attachment
    IPX7 splash resistant
    Zeomic antimicrobial coating
    Ø 1.6mm tapered tip

  • Certification

    CE, RoHS, 100% BPA free

  • Warranty

    Limited 3-year